(M)y (A)rgentinian (P)lan

Part of the Buenos Aires SUBTE map

To mark my four-month anniversary in Buenos Aires, last Friday saw me move into no less than my third permanent residence here so far. Just a few blocks away from where I had been housesitting, it was essentially a move from Recoleta to Recoleta and so nothing too arduous thankfully. This only ranked second in a week of changes however, as it was announced that the LatAm arm of my company had been sold to a competitor. This thereby officially cuts my professional London ties with immediate effect and so, suddenly, I really am on my own. How exhilarating.

As previously alluded to, due to the whimsical effortlessness of my commute to work from the city’s most plush barrio I wasn’t ready to leave Recoleta quite yet. Yes, the 118 and I remain travelling companions for the next three months at the very least. Again, I decided to adopt a short-termist approach when arranging my next apartment just off Pueyrredon and Juncal, and I’m glad I did.

It’s not so much a case of living out of a suitcase, but to elect for the other extreme and settle prematurely seems naïve. In these uncertain times, when my job feels relatively up in the air, ninety days or so is a decisive enough timeframe to cater for my current situation – especially as it feels somewhat inevitable that there will be an office move on the horizon. One must be philosophical about these things though, just keep doing the right things and everything will be OK in the end. I’m certainly not done with this place yet.

And now for a guided tour of my life (with map and SUBTE lines to aid):

  • Just where the yellow line (H) continues beyond its intersection with the green line (D) is home, for the previous three months and the equally ensuing timeframe.
  • Terminate with the green line (D) to the top, keep going a bit more north through Chinatown and that’s where the office is – for now anyway.
  • See where the purple line (E) and dark blue line (C) briefly run parallel? Immediately right of that is my favourite watering hole in the city, hidden away on San Telmo’s cobbled streets.
  • Follow that same dark blue line (C) up to its crossing with the light blue line (A), and go west one stop. There you’ll find the snooker/pool club that is occupying many of my weekend hours, and indeed muscling in on the afore-mentioned’s territory with rapid alacrity.
  • Keep going west, switching to the red line (B) where possible, and close to that almost misplaced green space, Parque Centenario is where I do a monthly cash exchange and watch Argentinian Superliga football with my English blogger friend at his apartment. I give him my cash Pesos in exchange for Sterling into my account. Whoever wins from the rate versus the previous month buys the beers – for once, it was me last weekend.
  • Hopping back on the dark blue line (C), whenever I decide to go away for the weekend by long-haul coach or take the train within Buenos Aires state, the terminus Retiro has large stations for both modes of transport. Almost walkable from the flat, not quite, I occasionally run past here to the ecological reserve too.

It all feels very strange that less than a year ago I was preparing to fly from London, where I called home for 5 years, to South America for a two-week holiday in Colombia. Here we are, eleven months on, and I’m doing the return leg, flying to England for a fortnight before I return to my home, my life here in Argentina. Funny how life works out. I look forward to updating this same map in another four months.

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