Sunny side up

Buenos Aires pink sunset

A restful break in England it certainly was not, but such was the nature of my two-week roadshow of sorts. A trip summarised to my Argentinian colleagues as simply ‘Joda y boda’ (‘Party and wedding’), I was pining for my own bed in Recoleta by the time I finally had the pleasure last Thursday. Back to Buenos Aires, back to my papelitos (flashcards), and back to landscape painting sunsets out of my window.

Other than having to single-handedly negotiate a flooded washing machine, I had missed my own company truth be told. Catching up with friends and family was great, but as my intricately crafted spreadsheet might attest, averaging two appointments a day and sleeping in ten different beds over a fortnight took its toll. Leisurely reading, furthering a writing project, twilight runs to the Reserva Ecológica and back, all with naps in-between, the last few have been dreamy days.

Although summer here has truly had a line drawn under it by the passing of the long Easter weekend, and all the tiresome references to eggs that come with this time of year, the sunsets remain as spectacular as ever thankfully. This isn’t just scant consolation for the passing of the hottest season either, as the seven-day forecast shows a week of days consistently above 20 degrees Celsius.

Since returning here I have already added a few new words/phrases to my bank of trusty papelitos too, fearing that my Spanish might crumble into an irreparable mess. Yet it is funny that when I was back in England, there were three phrases that I keep finding myself wanting to use: Yo tampoco (Me neither); Más o menos (More or less); and Veremos (We’ll see). I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day unpacking the non-committal nature of my favourite phrases in Argentina so far. One promise to myself, however, is that my next lease term will be at least six months so that I at least give myself a chance to feel more settled here.

I pointedly prioritised – and have therefore learnt first – two of my flashcards in particular: (El) Atardecer; and (La) Puesta del sol. Indeed, the sunsets are so good here that they named them twice. I remain as unapologetic as ever for my wonderment and sharing of some of the colours on display from tonight, as most nights.

Whatever kind of day I have had, good or bad, this magnificent fireball puts everything into perspective as it politely excuses itself for the evening each night with glorious aplomb. And to think, I almost missed tonight’s episode of pink candy floss clouds and orange/purple rings on the distant horizon too.

Funnily enough, in one of the books I am currently reading I came across a nice turn of phrase from Pablo Neruda, on fate, that I could really identify with: ‘Every casual encounter is an appointment’. I don’t know why I was compelled to stop whatever it was I was doing earlier and go to the window just at the perfect time to catch the conclusion of the lightshow, but I was.

Between now and the sun’s next appearance tomorrow morning, at 07:08, my alarm will have woken me up. Inevitably, after an almost three-week hiatus, thoughts return to work. Maybe the sale of my company will be good for me, maybe it won’t.

Like a flooded washing machine, sunset or the next chance meeting with whomever it may be, there will always be some things that remain mostly out of my hands. In this society where we work ourselves into a frenzy that we could be making better use of our time, and then fret over the opportunity cost of decisions made, there is a fatalistic comfort in being reminded of this. As ever though, veremos.

One thought on “Sunny side up

  1. When I left for the first time since moving here, my brain was happy to have been on vacation from Spanish. However, while I was away I missed speaking Spanish, but eventually this ‘need’ wore off after two weeks.

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